, a social networking portal in PHP and MySQL

This application was built for, RendezBlu site is a proximity social network based on contacts, which one gathers via phone’s Bluetooth feature and later upload to The phone application allows people to literally connect via Bluetooth and gather contacts automatically behind the scenes, while they go about doing normal activities. RendezBlu will exchange contacts based on the preferences selected on users’ phone. Unlike other social networks which can build artificial links, RendezBlu only connects people who came in close proximity to user, within range of about 30 feet or 10 meters, and who also had the application running on their phone.

Users’ network will therefore only include people who were physically near them at the same place, at the same time, and who were also willing to meet other people. Since user shared that proximity, chances is user also share some common tastes or interests. In contrast to other sites,
RendezBlu will allow users to build a network of exciting contacts with truly great meeting potential.

Phone application is developed by our partner, Penrillian, UK and Saven handled Web interface and database functionality


HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax (Rico framework), Photo shop and Flash, PHP, MySQL, Pay pal, Symbian OS.

Managing Contact Profiles: User would be able to upload profiles from his phone with all their personal traits. Send invitation to meet any of the profiles he uploaded. Rendezblu charges user for each of Invitation acceptations from Invitees.

  • Add Favourites: A member can add any of his contacts and invites from his profiles as his favourites.
  • Utilities such as Searching, Sorting and Filtering Profiles on multi criteria viz. Nickname, age, gender, education, hobbies, occupation, language, zodiac sign, zip code, country and state.
  • Payment gateway, Pay pal is integrated to process the charge that site charges for each successful accepted Invites.
  • Users can manage his/her invitations he sends out and the invitation he receives with Accept/ Reject actions.
  • Downloads: The RendezBlu phone application can be downloaded to the PC from the Downloads page. User can also send the phone application via SMS to his or a friend’s mobile from web.

Admin Functionalities:

Admin module functionalities include: list all the reported abuse users with their photos, delete the photo, block a repeated abusive user from accessing the site, change status of the reported users after a new and accepted photo is uploaded and send group communication mails to selected users.