Real Time Currency Trading Platform Interface In Adobe Flex 3.0 & Java


The Forex market is the largest financial market in the world, with a daily average turnover of approximately US$1.2 trillion. The world’s currencies are on a floating exchange rate and are always traded in pairs, for example Euro/Dollar or Dollar/Yen. Fx 2 tool provides the User Interface and back end market Data integration to display the real time streaming market quotes on Currency pairs to the application for display and then generates the FIX compliant BUY/SELL order messages to integrate with backend other applications such as trading engines.


The Fx2 tool is developed in Adobe Flex 3.0 for the front end UI, back end is built with open source tools such as Java, JMS, FIX4.2, Granite DS, Active MQ, Comet, Market Data API(s).


  • Buy/ Sell Order messages are formatted to Fix compliant and hence can integrate with any Trading Systems that are Fix compliant.
  • Extensive Skilling capabilities to fit with other applications/scenarios. Display items such as color coding for ASK/BID area, color Flicker for Up Tick/ Down Ticks, Price display font sizes can be configured.
  • Configured to display or hide field information fields such as Net Change, Bip, Spread, Last Price.Currency Pairs can be launched with simple selection of the item in the dropdown list.
  • Multiple currency pairs (1-20+) can be initiated with for simultaneous display. These Panels can be arranged in various matrix sizes.
  • Easily integrated with various streaming data services providers such as IDC Comstock, Reuters, CQG, Bloomberg.
  • Bips & Fractional Bips can be displayed if the service providers the data.
  • Real time streaming quotes.
  • Applicable to other security markets such as equities, futures markets as well.

Key Application Scenarios:

  • Online trading/ Brokerage houses to provide Currency Trading platform to their clients.
  • Banks, International Remittance firms to display currency transfer / transactions real time.
  • Market Makers.
  • Apply other markets such as Futures, Equities markets where a smaller set of securities to be highlighted for monitoring and other purposes.
  • Create visual map to trade fixed basket of securities such as securities baskets DOW 30, S&P500.
  • Apply currency groups such as Major Currencies, Asia Pacific, North American,