Adobe Flex/ AIR tool real time Market News display

Combining news items from various sources and presenting them in efficiently is a tedious process, but a important and routine process for professional traders. This especially critical for traders who sift through huge number of news articles that have a direct impact on their trading decisions. Identifying articles with key words, articles from specific sources and articles of specific type such as Court filings, Earning Announcements.. etc will be important and helpful to trading community. This application has many of the features that are critical to professional traders. Utilities include single click filtering of news types, news sources, key word watch & trace.


Adobe Flex 3.0 & AIR UI, Java, Servlets, Spring, XML, JMS, Market Data API, Derby.

Key Features:

  • Single click to filter news items based on the news types such as Political, Announcement.. etc.
  • Multiple ticker parsing.
  • Simple API to integrate with various sources.
  • Flexibility to include various type items for easier filtering.

Key Functionalities:

  • Dynamic drop/ include of display fields such as Time, Source, Subject… etc.
  • Allows Media files attachments to each news item and plays on demand with a double click. Similar can launch MS office files.
  • Displays visual marks for various news types such as and user has the flexibility to filter & sort news items with a single mouse click.
  • Can included/ exclude various news sources with single click
  • User can have a trace of Key word(s) and application keeps visual marks on these keys in each of the news items.

Key Application Scenarios:

  • Display of news items on a web page either real time or snapshots.
  • Provide access to list of documents on a web page or in a portal scenarios such as regulatory filings.
  • Display historical Analyst reports for a given stock or portfolio of stocks.
  • Poll and list the Comments from multiple sources into one single consolidated view