Adobe Flex/ AIR tool for real time Options Market Data display

It has always been challenging to display market data for Options chain as it involves displaying large amount of price data. Each Option instrument in a chain will have tradable market price information and it becomes very challenging to present this data very interactively. For example, Options instrument on IBM stock will always have about 100+ options instruments outstanding at any point of time. Our tool presents Options Market data intuitively and giving user large set of tools and utilities to change the views to suit his needs.


Adobe Flex 3.0 & AIR UI, Java, Servlets, Spring, JMS, XML, Market Data API, MySQL.

Key Features:

  • Easily switch Option Chain display between Strike view & Expiration view.
  • Visually mark Option instruments as ATM, OTM, ITM with single clicks.
  • Filter Option Chain data as ATM, OTM, ITM with single click actions.
  • Visually mark NTM options with user defined ranges
  • Include/ Exclude the Key fields as needed.
  • Display Options Greeks.
  • Visually mark Options Instruments for one or more underlying asset to display in one screen.
  • Option Theoretical values for various.
  • Snap Quote of Underlying Asset / Security with additional fields such as Avg open Interest, Average volume, Exchange Symbol, Currency Code.
  • Graph Option Price Vs Strike for a given Expiration or Option Price Vs Expiration for a given Strike.
  • Access Option Greeks for any option with a single click
  • Expand the Option Detailed view with a double click on any row to display best Ask / Bid along with quantity as 1st level and the display top 3 Ask/Bid pairs along with quantity as 2nd level display.

Key Functionalities:

  • Options data can be presented in multiple views.
  • Option analytics or Greeks.
  • Option Price Charts.
  • Export Option Chain as CSV or XML.
  • Print Option Chain .

Key Application Scenarios:

  • Option data display in a web page.
  • Trading Applications, Online Trading, Finance Portals.