Adobe Flex/ AIR tool for Market Screener

Market Screener is an essential automated tool for investors/ Traders. It allows investors to wade through thousands of stocks, ETFs or other securities and return a list for closer analysis. Market Screeners allow finding the best that meet desired investment criteria. They create dynamic lists of stocks, in the case of equities, that match the technical and fundamental criteria. Our Screener widget can handle asset classes, Equities, Options, ETFs, Bonds and it has extensive flexible API to modify screening criteria or include additional asset classes. There are about 50+ screening criteria that user can apply for each asset class to filter the securities and bring out the results that meets the criteria.


Adobe Flex 3.0 & AIR UI, Java, Servlets, Spring, XML, MySql,Market Data API, Derby.

Key Features:

Move from an asset class to another asset class with single click. Handles : Stocks,
ETFs, Options, Fixed Income asset classes.

  • Intuitively build a criteria query with mouse clicks and see the results instantaneously.
  • Save the selected criteria to call them at later time with single click.
  • Load Pre-defined criteria and apply with a single click.
  • Handles Stocks, Options, Mutual Funds, ETF.
  • Ability to hide/ unhide the query builder.
  • Visualize the Criteria variables names and applied values.
  • See the matching record count instantly.
  • Apply result to set across different variable groups for greater clarity.

Key functionalities:

  • Create Multi-variable criteria to apply against the universe and save the criteria to apply against another universe.
  • Load new criteria variables layout quickly for a new asset class or existing asset class.

Key Application Scenarios:

  • Financial portal where Investors/ Traders to screen the Investment universe of stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Options… etc.
  • Portfolio construction/ Modeling where Manager has to select the securities that meet the criteria from the universe of securities.