Adobe Flex/ AIR Calendar tool for Market events

Calendar events such as Earnings announcements, Board Meetings, Regulatory Filings play very important role for traders. An efficient display and access of Market events calendar is very critical to professional traders and novice traders alike. This tool collates all the market events dates in the form of a calendar and display efficiently. Multiple Events and Event groups can be created and this tool visually represents these events on the Calendar in Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Agenda views.


Adobe Flex 3.0 & AIR UI, Java, Servlets, Spring, XML, JMS, Market Data API, Derby.

Key Features:

  • Has many features similar to outlook calendar such as Day, Week, Month Calendar views.
  • Easier interface to post new Calendar items.
  • Intuitive way to display and group various items
  • Easier to sort and filter Calendar events with single mouse clicks.
  • Multiple events can be displayed for the same time and day.
  • Day Calendar view timescale expands to fit multiple listings.
  • API integrate easily with data service providers.
  • Apply Event view or Ticker view with a single click.
  • Search key events or items with Keyword functionality.

Key Functionalities:

  • User can filter various Market Calendar events based on event type such as Earnings Announcements, Board Meetings, Conference calls…. Etc.
  • Filter Calendar events / items efficiently and quickly.
  • Single click actions to move between Day, Week, Monthly views.
  • Calendar Events for tickers 1-10+ with single entry of tickers.
  • View Agenda for any given period.

Key Application Scenarios:

  • Display Market Calendar events comprising of Dividend Calendar, Earning Calendar for a single stock or portfolio of stocks such as Nasdaq100, S&P500, Dow30
  • Risk Arbitrage desks that lists the Merger events for life of a merger or groups of mergers.
  • Expiration calendar for Options, Futures Markets, Economic events calendar
  • Apply to other scenarios such as Conference Room bookings, Social Event Calendar, Conference events.