Outsourcing Services

Software outsourcing enables businesses to benefit from operational cost savings, shorter time-to-market cycles and access to cutting-edge software development expertise. Saven's outsourcing solutions ranges from application maintenance and development to complete architecture and deployment of Enterprise Applications.

Remote Team Services

In contrary, setting up an owned offshore development centre to realize benefits of a low cost economy requires a high capital investment and management bandwidth. In effect only large corporations are able to leverage the benefits of low cost offshore services. The small to medium sized software solutions and services companies are missing out on the low cost advantage and are hence are losing business to either large corporation with offshore presence or pure-play offshore software development companies.

Building on its success of providing software development, maintenance and testing services to global customers, Saven offers to provide an opportunity to clients of all sizes to ride the wave of off-shoring. OTE works on a collaborative model and helps client utilize dedicated full-time services from Saven's technical and managerial resources. OTE services are offered from Saven's, state-of-art offshore development centers in India. OTE typically operates as an extended software development team that can be utilized whenever the need arises, offered at highly competitive rates. Saven ensures all the necessary administrative functions, managerial supervision and communications, supports infrastructure and provides a good working environment for the employees.

Virtual teams with trusted partner without the hassles of managing it. Our virtual teams can be assembled for a specific project or for a specific duration. Benefits:

  • Cost & Flexibility: Flexibility to scale up or Down team at significantly less cost
  • Skills & Experience: Expert Technology Platforms, Processes
  • Effective: Complete control of the project and the team
  • Proven: Leveraging Saven's skilled resources & their experience of building business critical robust applications
  • Unique: Model that is cost effective and gives full control of the project with complete transparency on people, process and technology.


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