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Case Studies

Saven Technologies is a knowledge-based consulting and technology implementation company focused on improving business results through technology-enabled transformation solutions. We help clients find ways to succeed in today's extended enterprise business environment.

The following case studies demonstrate our multidisciplinary approach to client challenges and opportunities, providing solutions that protect and enhance enterprise value. As these cases demonstrate, we deliver critical thinking at the critical time. Our skills are across multiple industry verticals, Global Delivery capabilities, Delivery processes, Engagement Models, Technology expertise. The presented material is for informational purpose only, un-authorized use of it strictly prohibited.


Adobe Flex Portal for Investor Services firm, Customs Street Advisors, Lagos, Nigeria Adobe Flex Portal for Investor Services firm, Customs Street Advisors, Lagos, Nigeria - ValueClear Charts
RIA Portal in Adobe Flex for Daniel B. Stark & Company, CA - CTA Manager Portal for Superior Managed Futures Solutions
Real time Market Data Charting for a Financial Information Service Provider, eSignal, IDC - Interactive Flex Charts
Rich Internet Application in Adode Flex for Price Asset Management, IL - Portfolio Monitoring & Reporting
Portfolio Research & Simulation tool for a Financial Information Services provider, eSignal, IDC - Stock Simulator
IDC Comstock PlusFeed Market Data Java API
IDC Comstock Real Time Market Data Server for MS Excel
IDC PlusFeed Adapter for Vhayu's Velocity
FIX/FAST Market Data Software for CME's Market Data Feed
iShare's Digital price ( ETF iNAVs) publishing on Bloomberg Servers using PriceLink and XML Market Data Web service from IDC - XML2BBPRICELINK
Clearing and OATS (Order Audit Trail System) reporting module for a High Frequency Trading (HFT) Fund at HCM
TradingSim- Web based equities day trading simulator built in Adobe Flex and Java
Exchange Traded Funds( ETF) data model & analytics system for Interactive Data Corp (IDC), Managed Solutions.
Real time trade Execution Management System(EMS)using Quick FIX C++ engine for trading venues - Direct Edge, BATS, NYSE, ARCA for a high frequency trading / low latency trading system at HCM.
Real time & low latency trade Execution Management Systems (EMS) in native exchange C++ API(s) for trading venues - NASDAQ( OUCH), ARCA (DIRECT), DIRECT EDGE( OUCH) for high frequency/ Low latency trading system at HCM.
Integration of ETF Sponsors' data & NSCC data for ETF Basket Modeling and simulations for a high frequency trading system at HCM.
Portfolio Simulation and Analytics module in Adobe Flex for Commodity Trading Advisor( CTA) portfolios for CTA portal at
Real time Position and Risk system from Exchange FIX DROP copies - Real time monitoring and risk management for a high frequency trading system at HCM.
Integration of Real time market Data from a hardware accelerated solution (Celoxica) and real time position data with Excel RTD for high frequency trading system at HCM.
EMS testing and exchange certification for self trade prevention for trading venues - BATS, NASDAQ and ARCA.
Real time Market data Feed handlers in C++ for Indian Stock exchanges - NSE, BSE for a market Data Service provider.
Integration of FORM-NQ data ( Mutual Funds holdings) from Edgar Database with Mutual Fund Database & Analytics platform.
Product testing and performance tuning for Web based trading tool, Market-Q.
Integration of Canadian Mutual Funds data(CANNEX) with Mutual Fund Database & Analytics platform for market data service provider.
Flexible Excel interface to access ETF baskets data, Real time Market, Position Data, and Trade reports.
Manual order ticket / Order Entry interface to trade single & Basket of names at NASDAQ (OUCH), ARCA(DIRECT) and BATS(FIX).
ERM (Enterprise Resource Management) Tool enhancements using PHP/Java/Apache.
IMM SpreadBook for Integrated Market Makers (IMM) Group
Data Manager to handle Interactive Data’s Plus Server connections and stream the tick data to the Meta Trader.

Panel 2
Online Market place for Precious Metals with extensive E-Commerce functionalities
PMO Portal enhancements using PHP/Apache.'s Stock Simulator application on iPhone.
A Mobile client application in Google Android, for insurance claims workflow process

A Mobile client application in Heat Map/ Tree Map- Data Visualization
A Mobile client application in PostTradeRx- Market Replay and Simulation
A Mobile client application in FX2 - Forex Dashboard - Currency Trading Interface
Calendar - Market Event Calendar
News Reader - Market News
Options Table - Options Market Data table & visualization
Quotes table - Market Quotes Display
Fund Aide - Portfolio Monitoring, Reporting & Charting
Charts- Market Data Charting & Analytics
Emtex Software, Pitney Bowes- Microsoft Silverlight custom Components for       Enterprise Dashboard -
Market Screener- Tool to screen Markets ( Equities, ETFs, Mutual
       funds..) on muli variable criteria
Ticker- Real time Market data ticker Social Network Service Web Interface in PHP and MySQL
Sports portal- PHP and MySQL under the hood of a dynamic PHP and MySQL for a Dynamic Fashion Store


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